Jack Mostro was the punk soul of the Bob Rifo Gang (The Bloody Beetroots).
The White Screamed Shout was born in 2012, a pale creature who actually performs music and shouts vocals, who doesn't dress up with clich├ęs and protests to strike the attention of humans about their necessity to go back to simple, real things.
Jack Mostro plays and sings with the simplicity and directness of a Punk 3.0, wild hybrid of cutting edge distorted guitars, low-frequencies synthesizers and electronic drums launching extreme rhythmic patterns.
The Monster phagocytes hardcore and metal dressed with industrial and electro, then vomits violent and direct music that strikes the stomach.
In TWSS the strongest aspects of punk and electronica live together, despite of the apparent distance between these two musical worlds.

"The Birth" is the first release of TWSS. An Ep of 5 original fast and ugly songs, introduced by the recording of a news story from CCN of New York: the first sighting of The Monster happened in Brooklyn in March 2012.
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I'm Not and
The White Screamed Shout

aka Jack Mostro.